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RTMNU Summer 2018 Result M.A.(Hindi) 4th Sem.(CBCS)

RTMNU Summer 2018 Result M.A.(Hindi) 4th Sem.(CBCS)

RTMNU Summer 2018 Result M.A.(Hindi) 4th Sem.(CBCS) | Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University(RTMNU) Declared a Summer-2018 Exam Result M.A. (Hindi) Fourth Semester(CBCS) Candidate can chck your Roll.no. Given Below:

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Faculty of Humanities
M. A. (Hindi) Fourth Semester [CBCS]
Result Date :14/06/2018

SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES (The Character in brackets indicate the final grade obtained)

789426(B) 789427(B) 789428(B) 789429(B) 789430(B) 789432(B 789433(B) 789435(B) 789436(B) 789437(B) 789438(B) 789439(B) 789440(B 789441(B) 789442(B) 789443(B) 789445(B) 789446(B) 789447(C) 789448(B 789449(B) 789450(B) 789451(B) 789452(B) 789453(B) 789454(B) 789455(C 789456(A) 789457(B) 789458(B) 789459(B) 789461(B) 789462(B) 789466(B 789467(B) 789468(B) 789469(B) 789470(C) 789471(B) 789473(B) 789474(B 789475(B) 789476(B) 789478(B) 789479(B) 789480(B) 789482(B) 789483(A 789485(B) 789486(B) 789487(B) 789489(B) 789490(B) 789493(B) 789494(B 789496(B) 789497(B) 789498(B) 789499(B) 789500(B) 789501(B) 789502(B 789503(B) 789504(B) 789505(B) 789507(B) 789509(B) 789510(B) 789512(C 789513(B) 789514(B) 789515(B) 789516(B) 789518(B) 789519(B) 789520(B 789521(C) 789522(B) 789523(B) 789525(B) 789526(B) 789528(B) 789532(B 789533(B) 789535(B) 789536(B) 789542(B) 789544(B) 789545(B)


789444 789460 789463 789472 789477 789481 789484 789488 789491 789492 789506 789508 789530 789531 789534 789537 789538 789540 789541

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